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Intraversity’s exclusive career platform provides you the curated opportunities from around the World. We help you build and reach your dream career via customized working and learning opportunists with best companies and universities around the world.



International Internships

Intraversity global internships programs provides  graduate and under graduate students to work with top startups , entrepreneurs and corporates around the world. From your visa to accommodation to travel logistics all handled by us you just need a passport to fly and work abroad , experience a new culture and expand your professional network
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Global Entrepreneurship Programs

Our Global Entrepreneurship programs helps students and early stage founders to explore , learn , network and launch their startups and entrepreneurial journey in some of the worlds best entrepreneurial ecosystems like Singapore , Silicon Valley , Berlin and Dubai. We expose you to the incubators and accelerators , make you network with the local entrepreneurial and investor community to kick start your ideas at global level.
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Global Learning Programs

We run exclusive and customized short term on campus learning programs for students and executives with top universities around the world. Realize your dreams to experience in sitting g and learning in the campuses of Harvard University, Stanford University, Babson College and NUS . We run 2 to 6 weeks exclusive and  customized programs with certification with top international universities.
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Open Innovation Programs

Intraversity provides an exclusive platform for students  to work on innovation challenges , hackathons and projects from the startups , companies and governments around the globe. the programs gives you an opportunity to show your skills and talent working on innovation problems from big corp orates and startups around the world.
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Intraversity: Who We Are

We are an experiential school helping students to travel the world , get inspired , feel vulnerable , make new friends , get lost in a foreign country , network with like minded people , work on innovative projects, under stand entrepreneurship , empathy  and celebrate diversity . We are INTRAVERSITY.

With offices and teams across 3 continents, We work with top startups and companies , governments and Universities in over 7 countries to design and deliver short term work and learn programs in more that 20 career fields. Our programs are supported with all logistical arrangements of  Air Travel , accommodation , visa and local support in foreign countries.

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Why We Are Different


Travel and Culture

Making you leave your comfort zone and travel to a new country and experience a new culture is one of the core components of all our programs. We want you to travel , make new friends , feel vulnerable, taste different foods , learn about different religions and languages through a strategically designed Intravesity program.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Intraversity programs are hosted in some of the worlds top entrepreneurial ecosystems. We partner with top startups , entrepreneurs, accelerators , incubators and corporate to design innovation challenges,projects and internships.


Empathy and Diversity

Our programs make you travel in foreign land, stay with locals and people from different parts of the world , learn and work in multicultural environment in top cosmopolitan cities. We aim to build our program experiences to build on your empathy quotient while celebrating working and staying in  diverse cultures.


Safety and Quality

We know how vulnerable students can be in a foreign land. Our offices and teams in each of our program destinations make sure your stay,work and other activities in a foreign land are planned and delivered with utmost importance to safety,hygiene and quality standards. We provide 24 hour local support during the program duration.

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Himanshu Mehlawat


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Jacob Remmington

Co-Founder, Creative Director

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Miriam Richmond

Financial Director

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Leonardo Black

Marketing Director

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